Myanmar Work Report

Greetings to all CMI brothers and sisters in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

I would like to express my inner thanks to you for your unbeatable commitment for supporting our ministries which has been a great strength for our ministries in many ways. We have been experiencing that God is great through you all. We all can't thank you enough for such a great love you have shown to every one of us in Myanmar. We all praise the Lord for all His provision through CMI friends.

 Here are detail work report I may have to you orderly.

1. Agape House

All orphans are doing well in the Lord. Our mangoes in our campus are now being finished by students and orphans. Our mango tree are fruitful and the fruits are so tasty this year. Everyone at MUST really enjoyed them. I wish you also share our mangoes someday. As I reported earlier, two orphans fell from mangoes trees and they broke their hands and we admitted them at hospital and spent a lot of time and money for them. This time, God is really faithful and protective for our orphans that no one falls and no one is hurt. Praise God. All exam results for our orphans had been announced and some of them failed. Our government allowed them to reappear the exams for which subjects they failed. After reappearing, everyone made it apart from A Hniang who is high school final. High school final exam result is very poor this year. Among all Myanmar high school final students, only 30 percent passed the exam and all the rest failed. She wanted to repeat the exam and preparing for that. That result was lately announced a week ago. June 1 is admission date for all students in Myanmar. We could have admitted all our orphans at their respective schools well through your prayers. As you know, they are much in need of bags, umbrellas, stationary, lunch boxes, and others in the beginning of the school year. We still have a little issue to keep our orphans inside our campus. The caregivers pray that we may have separate accommodation at the same time, the teachers of MUST students also pray that orphans stay outside because it is a bit difficult to lead and control students mingling with children. I hope and pray that the Lord may provide us if this is really a great need for them soon. The Lord knows our needs better than we do. We are praying a little remote place for orphans and we can have more space where we can grow vegetables, breed fish, and raise chicken that produce eggs so on for our orphans. There is 7 acres land, 30 minutes’ drive from our school. In the land, we can have fish pond, chicken farm, cow raising for milk, vegetables for food. This will really help our orphans for a better living. We would love to take care more up to 50 orphans if the Lord provides this.

2. Students

2015/16 academic years was so fruitful and successful. 6 successfully graduated and two are now serving the Lord with us as in turn shepherdesses, preaching the gospel to young people. Another two are now pastors in they own churches in Chin state and another two graduates are furthering their studies in India.

This June, we admitted 54 students altogether. 8 moved to other Bible school with Brother Uk Ling Thang. In 2015, I warned Uk Ling thang for the following reasons:

He punched first year student namely Lian Hram Ling three times and he fell on the ground and injured a little. He punched another student Sang Bawi and he was not serious. He was also trying to fight with one more student with stick but this student left our school because of his severe fight with other students. Some students reported to me that Uk did not teach well during class hours but played face books always. They said his teaching for one year is very less. He also tried to contact our donors of MUST and asked money for his personal family use. His misused his position. He was promoted to Academic Dean but he entitled himself as Vice President of Myanmar Undergraduate School of Theology and asked support from others. He was not willing to co-work with other faculty members. Other faculty members’ decision were objected by him. Because of all this, I did warn him not to repeat otherwise we would dismiss him. He was so tempted by his fleshly desire. I pray for him and bless him. And he left us and tried to persuade all students to transfer from MUST. Many students had notified me this. Some first year students from his village wanted to attend MUST and they contacted me already. Once they arrived at Bus station, Uk forced them to transfer where he is newly admitted as lecturer. He used them as if he might have opportunity there in a new Bible school. The school president called me and I shared with him all about that. The president wanted to send the transferred students back to MUST but we can’t accept them any more once they left but only one.

However, we praise the Lord who sent many new students. Pastor Pa Hu in Chin State did crusades and evangelical works and some young people came to accept Jesus and wanted to study at Bible school. He brought us 6 students. They are very good young people. One is Sunday school teacher and others also are actively involved in their own churches. Pastor Pa Hu is very diligent and a very spiritual person. Another friend of mine, namely, Thla Hmung, Assembly of God Church pastor in Thantlang town also conducted many crusades in Chin State. He has been invited by many villages to hold crusades for young people. Many came to accept Jesus as their Lord through his crusades. Among them, he sent us 8 students this year. I hope and pray that this pastor deserves your prayer support. The Lord also brought us two new lecturers who graduated from India this year. The Lord brought us many new students but I am not sure how many he will allow us to raise them to become good disciples of our Lord Jesus till the end to become good spiritual leaders. Please remember in your prayers that the Lord may grant us wisdom and knowledge we need to raise all these young students for the expansion of His kingdom especially in Myanmar.

3. CMI

Our Shepherds are doing well in the Lord. Now, they could have finally conducted regular worship service at West Bible house with some sheep. The price of renting Bible houses is coming up a lot these days but we praise God for such His provision to continue to have them. Every shepherd is working hard for the preparation of the upcoming CMI International Conference. We are praying for the conference needs like, guitars, sound systems, air conditioning, electric transformer for electric power is too low, generator and so on.  Myanmar is too warm and many friends from abroad will find very difficult without air-condition. Please pray for these needs. We are planning to have our Conference at MUST campus because it will be too costly if we rent hotel or conference place.

All shepherds usually meet on ever Wednesday and have fellowship meeting after group Bible studies. On every Friday, I have regular Bible studies with them. Our shepherds are young but they are very pure in heart and characters and are good examples for other coworkers. Other coworkers also are good but they are different. There are 5 regular sheep and 10 irregular sheep at both Bible houses. Shepherds are sad because there have been many come and go sheep.

Now, our shepherds initiated self-supporting themselves. Most of them had done driving lessons. Shepherd Shwemana has passed the lesson successfully and now driving CMI truck. He is new to drive and cannot make enough for the time being. We are thinking if we change it with taxi which may be more beneficial. Please remember all shepherds and sheep in your prayers.

4. It has been 9 years that the Lord had blessed our MUST ministries and we have been so much moved through His guidance. Our Lord prepares for us with over 250 students enrolled at MUST, and trained for the Lord’s service since 2007. Over 60 students have graduated and many of our graduates get actively involved in the ministries as pastors, missionaries, Bible teachers and leaders in different ministries. Two churches have been planted and about 50 Buddhists were reached and converted and baptized. 100 cows were bought for the poor families, 10 wells were constructed near our school and 15 houses were supported with micro-finance. Two homeless persons were built up to become normal persons.  Two Bible houses have been erected near Dagon University where four fulltime shepherds are taking care of 15 sheep. 195 cyclone-damaged houses had been rebuilt in 2008 and 500 recent flood victims had been supported with rice, blankets and other immediate needs in Hakha, Chin State. We are now taking care of 23 orphans. Many of them came from different parts of Myanmar. God has blessed CMI hall three floors building, vision center four floors building and nice tennis court in front of the two big buildings. Our MUST campus is well fenced with concrete and so protective. 8 CCTV cameras have been installed but they are not yet working because of too low electric power. The Lord has led me to attend CMI conference in USA two times, Korea two times, Germany, India, Bangladesh and soon to be in Myanmar. These have been tangible blessings the Lord has prepared for us in 9 years and we pray the Lord may continue to bless with the following visions.

Our major goals over the next following years:

  • To win thousand souls and plant churches as many as the Lord leads
  • More than 100 students have to be admitted yearly and trained at MUST to implement the vision
  • To produce 1000 pastors, missionaries and Bible teachers
  • To have Bible houses as many as the Lord blesses.

God answered our prayers that Myanmar is moving forward to democracy. We, Christians, had very little opportunity in many ways during military government as it was dictatorship. However, election was done last January and NLD led by Aung San Sukyi won 80 percent. Her party formed government and leaders were elected one month ago. Everyone has been amazed by a Pentecostal Christian, Henry Van Thio, who was elected as vice president in Myanmar. Many monks had demonstrated against his presidency, claiming Myanmar is Buddhist country and they had to be rulers excluding other religions. Their protest was not successful but his presidency was officially confirmed weeks ago. All Christians in Myanmar praise God for such a successful story the Lord has made through our prayers. Myanmar mission needs to be supported financially and in prayers from other countries for years. We all pray that the Lord may change it and bless it to become developed country soon so that it will soon become a missionary sending nation to other countries around the world in His timing and guidance.

Therefore, I would like to request all of you to keep on joining with us in prayers for all our goals and prayers to be accomplished in the near future. May the Lord bless you all!

Yours in His service,
Pastor David Lian

2016 Myanmar International Conference

I pray that our Lord Jesus' grace be with your family and ministry! Thank you for your faithful and sincere prayer support for Myanmar mission.

MUST seminary just  opened her new school year from this month of June with new students. Also two of new teachers have been admitted to the  MUST. CMI ministry is growing steadily. Two intern shepherds who graduated MUST last February are now under the basic training at the Bible House. The 21 little angels at Agape House (orphanage) are also growing healthy and doing well in the Lord.

This summer, Myanmar International Conference will be held from August 12-14th. The Chapel Hall in MUST campus and the other facilities will be prepared to  hold the attendees. It might be a small and humble gathering of about 50 people including 20 foreign guests. The speakers are from Myanmar, Korea, India, Bangladesh and the US. The theme of the conference is "You are the Christ" quoted from Peter's confession of faith in Matthew 16. We pray that the glory of Jesus Christ mightily and clearly revealed through this conference that He is the King of kings and the Savior of the world.

After the conference is over, VBS (Vacation Bible School) will be held at the same place for a week from the 15th-21st. VBS has been prepared and designed solely by the 2nd gen students from the US, Germany, Korea and Malaysia. Altogether 13 of them will serve English and Korean classes, and a Tae Kwon Do class,  for MUST students in the morning, and in the afternoon, VBS will be opened for the Agape House children.

Please, pray for the following prayer topics:

  1. The young shepherds and shepherdesses of Myanmar may receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and be strengthened
  2. A spiritual net work may be formed for the South Western Asia mission work (Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Vietnam)
  3. The 2nd Gen students may have the call for word mission and succeed their parents' work in the future.

I ask for your fervent prayer support for this cause that the Holy Spirit may bless us from the very beginning to the end of the journey.

God bless you all,

Missionary Peter Chung