Why do I need to know Jesus? A practical benefit is that He can change you radically with his mysterious touch. Isn't it weird to describe a historical figure in such way? Yes, it is, but there is a mystery surrounding Jesus of Nazareth, a historical figure who suffered a shameful and violent death on the cross according to Roman records. Jesus lived about two millenniums ago in "Yehuda"(old Israel) and it was he who proclaimed " I am the way and the truth and life". What a shocking statement! Can any man dare say "I am the truth"? Either he was out of mind or something was going on in him. "That something" is an enigma thrown at any humans living on earth. That enigma is due to the dual nature of Jesus of Nazareth, the perfect humanity and the perfect deity in one person. Jesus of Nazareth is God and man, yet one person. Can you imagine that God can become a human: Jesus of Nazareth. It confuses everyone, no exception. Our reason immediately rejects it. That is why the Gospel of Jesus is called a mystery of God.